Artistic Project

The fundamental lines of the artistic project of the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya are as follows:

1. Revising and updating Catalan and universal theatre heritage
In terms of Catalan theatre heritage, the TNC works to bring to the stage plays from our theatre tradition − sometimes quite unknown to audiences −, propose dramaturgical revisions and foster theatre adaptations of leading texts from Catalan literature. Secondly, the major works of universal literature are brought to Catalan audiences through the commissioning of updated translations.

2. Fostering and supporting Catalan contemporary playwriting
The TNC is sensitive to the new theatrical creation in the country, above all in the field of contemporary text-based theatre. The T6 Project has particularly contributed to supporting the new dramatists in the country.

3. Fostering family and multidisciplinary theatre
The TNC aims to maintain a rich and varied programme that embraces a broad audience. This is why the TNC does not only put on plays but showcases other branches of the performing arts disciplines such as contemporary dance, circus, music, magic, object theatre or street theatre.

4. International presence
The TNC presents shows of international prestige to bring them to Catalan audiences and involve them in the best creations from around the world. The objective of the TNC is also to have an international presence and contribute through the performing arts to exporting Catalan culture abroad.