Jacint Verdaguer

2011 | 2012

Sala Petita

14th to 26th December 2011


A passionate chant to a language and a land

Written in 1886, 125 years ago, Canigó was one of the culminating points of the Catalan cultural movement known as Renaixença. An epic poem, a legend, and a patriotic chant, its 4,334 verses are one of the peaks of Catalan literature. The Teatre Nacional de Catalunya wishes to pay homage to Jacint Verdaguer with a show directed by Antonio Calvo that goes beyond a dramatised reading; Lluís Soler, with great prosody, undresses Verdaguer’s poem and brings it closer to the audience. He is accompanied by the musician Eduard Iniesta, who provides the original compositions performed live.

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