The TNC in figures

Productions, performances, audiences and attendance

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Teatre Nacional de Catalunya:
• Throughout its history, the TNC has presented 296 productions and has put on a total of 2.204 performances in its venues.
• The TNC has received, in the three auditoria and gardens, a total audience of 2.528.632 , with an average attendance of 70.37%.

• Of all productions performed at the TNC, a total of 143 have gone on tour in different towns nationally and internationally. There have been a total of 2.414 performances on tour.

• In the performances on tour, the TNC has received a total audience of 972.347, with an average attendance of 67,81%.

Other theatres:
10 shows produced or co-produced by the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya have had runs in other theatres.

• These productions have had a total of 874 performances and have been seen by an audience of 448.526, with an average attendance of 76,53%.

Most attended productions at the TNC

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• The most attended production in the history of the TNC is Dissabte, diumenge i dilluns, with an audience of 69,682 in 85 performances.

21 productions have each been seen by an audience of over 30,000.

Education service

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• A total of 342,511 young theatre-goers have come to see productions at the TNC through its Education Service.

9,989 youths have participated in the activity A Day at the TNC and a thousand students have carried out the synthesis work The World of Theatre.

Texts and publications

116 plays published
- 5 plays in the collection Publicacions del Teatre Nacional de Catalunya.
- 102 plays, in 87 volumes, in collaboration with Editorial Proa.
- 9 plays of the T6 Project in collaboration with Editorial Arola in the collection Textos a part. Teatre Contemporani.

60 souvenir programmes.

34 issues of the journal Quadern del TNC.

• The Theatre building occupies 20,000 m2; the Tallers buildings, 5,600 m2 and the warehouses, 6,500 m2. The total surface area for all TNC venues amounts to 25,925 m2.
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• The TNC video library has more than 400 audiovisual recordings of theatre, opera and dance from the Centre Dramàtic de la Generalitat, the Flotats company and the TNC.

• The tailoring warehouse has more than 4,000 costumes, 1,250 pairs of shoes and 700 hats.