La rosa tatuada

Tennessee Williams

Directed by: Carlota Subirós

Sala Gran

12th December 2013 to 2nd February 2014

In the Sicilian community of a small American town not far from New Orleans, Serafina delle Rose is waiting for her husband, a haulier. However, we will soon discover that the man will never return.

This violent death is the starting point of The Rose Tattoo. From this moment, Serafina will withdraw into her home to stay in mourning for a love she believes pure and unrepeatable. Nevertheless, the shadows of deception and lies will grow increasingly long and, finally, the attempts to isolate herself from the world, securely closing up the house, will conflict with an unexpected rebirth of her own desire, which will lead Serafina to a violent clash between the strictness of her surroundings and her new and exuberant sensuality.

With The Rose Tattoo, Tennessee Williams fully explores the contradictions of an era that still fester in some of the wounds of our society and portrays what he himself would consider “the Dionysian element in human life, its mystery, its beauty, its significance.”

ASSUNTA: There is something wild in the air, no wind, but everything’s moving.

SERAFINA: I don’t see nothing moving and neither do you.

ASSUNTA: Nothing is moving so you can see it moving, but everything is moving, and I can hear the star-noises. Hear them? Hear the star-noises?

(Tennessee Williams, The Rose Tattoo)

Pepo Blasco, Rosa Cadafalch, Màrcia Cisteró, Montse Esteve, Oriol Genís, Alícia González Laa, Antònia Jaume (Nies), David Marcé, Bruno Oro, Marta Ossó, Clara Segura and Teresa Urroz

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La rosa tatuada

    Calendar August 2014

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    Duration: 2 h 40 minutes (interval included)