Mission, vision and objectives

Mission of the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

The basic mission of the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya is to encourage the growth of the performing arts with a high level of excellence and artistic quality to reach all people.

As a public theatre, the TNC must carry out this task while ensuring the cultural, artistic and social interest of its programme beyond economic interests, market constraints and any other imposition or servitude that may affect it.

Vision of the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

The Teatre Nacional de Catalunya must be the main reference of theatre in Catalonia both in the quality of its productions and the contents of its programme. It must reach a broad and diverse audience, while being a showcase for the growing cultural and linguistic diversity of the country and an essential instrument to bring, through the performing arts, culture and language closer to the people who are not regular theatre-goers.

The TNC is involved in the territorial dissemination of the performing arts in all Catalan-speaking areas with the objective of ensuring culture as a fundamental right for all. The recognition of a shared cultural space makes it possible to have a platform of more than eleven million people with a common link: language.

The TNC seeks to have a constant and intensive relationship with the theatres and auditoria of Catalonia and the Catalan linguistic field, to offer constant cooperation in all aspects related to theatre dissemination and production throughout the country. The TNC also works with the private sector, recognising the role that private companies have played and are still playing in the future of Catalan theatre.

The TNC places special emphasis on the ongoing training of its human capital, as well as the improvement and optimisation of the management of human resources, recognising them as the essential and necessary element for achieving its strategic objectives.

Strategic objectives of the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

1. Guarantee diversity in programming based on Catalan and universal theatre heritage.

2. Encourage creation and innovation in the performing arts, opening doors to new artistic languages.

3. Decisively contribute to the territorial dissemination of the performing arts and foster the presence of the TNC throughout the Catalan-speaking areas, especially by organising tours of its productions in the framework of the Catalan Public System of Performing Arts and Music Facilities of the Department of Culture and Media. Moreover, search for other channels of cooperation, especially in the Valencian Community and the Balearic Islands.

4. Promote the international presence of the TNC and ensure that the Catalan public has access to the best international creations.

5. Support the Catalan language, enhancing its use in the performing arts, inside and outside Catalan-speaking areas.

6. Attract new audiences, while ensuring their diversity, and maintain the loyalty of current audiences.

7. Encourage the educational aspects of the performing arts.

8. Maintain active relations with the performing arts in the country, both private and public, and especially with the rest of the Catalan Public System of Performing Arts and Music Facilities.

9. Intensively use new technologies and digitalisation to increase potential audiences and interact with them.

10. Improve efficacy, management efficiency and service quality.