Jordi Oriol

2011 | 2012

Sala Tallers

12th January to 5th February 2012


Playwright, director, actor and musician, Jordi Oriol was born in Barcelona in 1979. With a degree in stage direction and dramaturgy from the Institut del Teatre, he has written and directed productions such as Home-Natja (Temporada Alta, 2010), Un tal ímpetu vital (Teatre Lliure, 2009), Ara estem d’acord estem d’acord (Teatre Lliure, 2008) and Ob-sessions (Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid, 2007 – Sala Beckett, 2008), among others. He has worked as an actor in some of his productions, as well as in plays such as L’home de la flor a la boca, by Luigi Pirandello (Biblioteca de Catalunya, 2008) and Mil Tristos Tigres (Festival NEO 2006), among others. As a musician, he has formed part of chamber and jazz quartets, and jazz Big Bands such as the Alois Hába Big Band and the Big Band de Terrassa.

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“If everyone jumped off a cliff,” I was told when I was young, “would you jump off too?” I continue running, behind people, directly heading, voluntarily, towards that cliff. In the hope or delusion that perhaps I will find salvation there.
It seems that nobody any longer dares to call a spade a spade. To get to the root of the problem and to touch a raw nerve. Whether because of fear, or because today frankness no longer hurts. The truth is that the truth is highly dubious. This is the question, the real problem: that the truth requires too much imagination. Perhaps this is why it is necessary to avoid it, not think about it and, in any case, never take it too seriously. But let’s get to the point and not beat around the bush: I’ll throw myself over the cliff to experience the next adventure. Because only intangible ideas, concepts and beliefs last. Fantasies. Stone cracks. Wood rots. People... disappear. And sometimes an euphemism is more precise than what it is apparently concealed.

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