April 2023


 Avui no dormo als teus braços

  • Projecte 365 Dones l'any: Anna Maria Martínez Sagi
  • Àngels Aymar
  • Directed by Carolina Llacher
  • Born Centre de Cultura i Memòria
  • 22/04/2023


365 Dones l’any opens up the TNC and links it with the neighbourhoods and their residents. A project that defends women made invisible and highlights their legacy.

After recovering the memory of Aurora Bertrana, a Catalan writer and cello player, we now want to focus on Anna Maria Martínez Sagi, a journalist, poet and athlete. A research work on her life and production, led by Àngels Aymar, as a title Avui no dormo als teus braços, which will end with a dramatised reading by Carolina Llacher on 22 April at El Born Cultural and Memorial Centre.

  • Free show with preferential booking for season ticket holders and youth packs.
  • Soon on sale

Avui no dormo als teus braços

Anna Maria is a young Catalan, sportswoman, poet and journalist, who during the Second Republic defends the rights and freedom of women. Among many other achievements, she becomes the first woman on the board of Barcelona Football Club. She falls in love with Elisabeth and shares an intense and passionate relationship with her. But her dreams of the future are dashed when she suddenly leaves her. The Spanish Civil War breaks out and she becomes a reporter at the front. Wounded in body and soul, after the defeat, she sets out on the path to exile. She lives in Paris as a beggar and is part of the Resistance during World War II. But Anna Maria is resilient. She becomes an entrepreneur, overcomes the death of her daughter, travels the world, and ends up teaching in the United States. Forty years later, she returns to her home to reunite with Elisabeth and, finally, ask her: "Why?"

Àngels Aymar i Ragolta

Production team

Àngels Aymar
Directed by
Carolina Llacher
Mari Pau Pigem, Carme Poll, Àngels Sànchez, Àlvar Triay
  • + Information
    Anna Espunya

    Sound space
    Joan Bages

    Teatre Nacional de Catalunya