December 2021


Camí a l’escola

  • Campi Qui Pugui
  • Directed by Rosa Díaz
  • Sala Tallers
  • 01/12/2021 al 19/12/2021

The extraordinary story of three sisters who overcome all barriers.

Three sisters, one path and one goal: the future in their hands. To achieve this, they face daily obstacles and dangers to get to school. They are aware that only education will open the doors to a better tomorrow. A suggestive, visual and wordless show that is inspired by the true story of girls and boys from all over the world.

The show Camí a l'escola has been awarded as Best Family Show at Premis de la Crítica, as Best Staging with the FETEN award and nominated for Best Family Show at the Butaca awards.

With the show Camí a l'escola, the company Campi Qui Pugui collaborates with the association Sur le chemin de l'école, l'association.

In 2017, Cristina and Jordi spoke to me with a sparkle in their eyes about the French documentary The Road to School, about the generosity of children who share their passion for life and their ability to overcome adversity.
They wanted to turn it into a show, with me.
I saw the enthusiasm in their eyes remembering the documentary and their desire to grow as a theatre company.
“These kids know what they want to be every day. Do we?”
I got excited and realised we had already started on the same path together.
“They are girls and boys who decide to change their corner of the world. For them, stopping halfway is not an option.”
The choice, life, is the risk. And sometimes you have to make a leap, even in a vacuum. The Campi Qui Pugui had the courage to jump in and I jumped in with them.
Thank you Chanda, Nasta, Devi and all the children in the documentary for giving our lives fresh impetus.

Rosa Diaz, director of the show.

Production team

Campi Qui Pugui
Directed by
Rosa Díaz
Alícia Buil, Cristina Garcia, Aitana Giralt, Jordi Pedrós and Erik Varea / Marc Cartanyà
  • + Information
    Creation Coach
    Jordi Farrés

    Set design
    Joan Pena

    Rosa Solé

    Marc Espinosa

    Pascal Gaigne
    Romina León

    Technical and management teams of the company

    Executive production
    Jordi Pedrós

    Pilar López
    Pilar Espada