Concert de hip-hop


Concert de hip-hop

Concert de hip-hop

  • Senyor Oca and Joina
  • Taller de pintura

With the change of century, the hip hop scene in Catalonia, and of rap, pop, reggae or drum’n’bass, has atomised into a large number of new names that have made social media their place of promotion and exchange. An ever growing culture among youths, who find in this discipline a way of artistic and living expression. In this respect, and in collaboration with the Week of Poetry, the TNC has organised a hip hop festival in which some of the top names in today’s Catalan scene such as Joina and Senyor Oca, two music groups with a very characteristic style of their own that gives room for reflection, will present to the TNC audience their latest creations, which have an identity of their own and are difficult to pigeonhole in a single musical genre.

Prices and times

  • General

    10 €
  • Times

    Gender: Music
    Running time:
    4 h
    Recommended age :
    16 years and above
    Show in:
    catalan and spanish


Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su

Production team

Senyor Oca and Joina
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    With the participation of
    Barcelona Poesia