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  • Paco Zarzoso and Alberto García Demestres
  • Sala Petita
  • 2/7/2014 al 13/7/2014

Leonor and Carla have decided to marry in the garden of Leonor’s family, coinciding with an astronomical event: a total eclipse that will darken the Earth for some minutes while illuminating the couple’s amorous future. The intention is that they will be married by the city mayor, an old friend and hunting companion of Leonor’s father, Ramon. However, because of a legal setback, the mayor will not be able to officiate at the wedding and will be replaced by the emergency councillor in charge of cemeteries. This will involve moving the ceremony from the gardens of Leonor’s residence to the municipal necropolis gardens with all the consequences for the brides and their guests. L’eclipsi is a musical theatre show in which the astronomical phenomenon also determines the development of the music. The joy and brightness of the Angelus in which the action begins will gradually fade out with the arrival of darkness. The disappearance of the sun will give way to the darkest moments of a score which will also explore the tenebrous aspects of each character until the return of light brings back the final joy and comedy.

Production team

Paco Zarzoso and Alberto García Demestres
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    Libretto Paco Zarzoso Music Alberto García Demestres Director Xavier Albertí Set design Llorenç Corbella Costumes Montse Amenós