El joc de l’amor i de l’atzar


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El joc de l’amor i de l’atzar

  • Pierre de Marivaux
  • Sala Gran
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Half a century after the French Revolution, the extraordinary degree of refinement of Marivaux’s language entered undefined, uncertain and sterile territories that would herald an end of an era in terms of understating language in human relations and, at the same time, how the community was conceived. At a time when bourgeois practical reason began to revolutionise how social codes were understood, the marivaudage is a chant of celebration to amorous gallantry that explored the balances with the popular art of the Commedia dell’Arte and the aristocratic parlour language, while constructing labyrinths that concealed shadows among which some of the major tensions of the era lie.

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Pierre de Marivaux
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    Translation Salvador Oliva Director Josep Maria Flotats Set design Ezio Frigerio Costumes Franca Squarciapino Lighting Albert Faura Director’s assistant and musical montage José Antonio Gutiérrez Director’s assistant Pep Planas
    Cast Enric Cambray Àlex Casanovas Rubèn de Eguia Guillem Gefaell Vicky Luengo Bernat Quintana Mar Ulldemolins Production Teatre Nacional de Catalunya Audio-described performance for the visually impaired 17th May