February 2022


El mar: Visió d’uns nens que no l’han vist mai

  • Xavier Bobés and Alberto Conejero
  • Directed by Xavier Bobés and Alberto Conejero
  • Sala Tallers
  • 17/02/2022 al 06/03/2022

A poetic, documentary and object piece of theatre based on the writings of some children who had
not seen the sea and their teacher Antoni Benaiges.

This is the story of a promise that could not be kept, a promise made by a teacher to his pupils. The teacher was Antoni Benaiges. The pupils were boys and girls from the rural school in Bañuelos de Bureba, a village in the province of Burgos. The promise was made one winter day in 1936. He promised them the sea.

In 1934 the young Catalan teacher Antoni Benaiges arrived at the rural school of Bañuelos de Bureba, a small village in Burgos. A few months later he pays for a printing machine and a gramophone out of his own pocket. From that same year, boys and girls publish their emotions, dreams and thoughts.
In January 1936, the boys and girls published El mar. Visión de unos niños que no lo han visto nunca. The notebook "contains, in verse format rather than prose, the expressions of schoolchildren about how they imagine the sea, their fears and their dreams." The teacher promises that he will take them to Catalonia that same summer to get to know the sea. On 25 July 1936 Benaiges was executed. The teacher’s promise can no longer be fulfilled.
The piece – the result of our first meeting as creators – proposes a device in which objects, poems and documentary material coexist free of hierarchies.

Xavier Bobés and Alberto Conejero, authors and directors of the show.
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Production team

Xavier Bobés and Alberto Conejero
Directed by
Xavier Bobés and Alberto Conejero
Alberto Conejero
Xavier Bobés and Sergi Torrecilla
  • + Information
    Alberto Conejero, based on texts by the children of the escola de Bañuelos de Bureba, their teacher Antoni Benaiges, Patricio Redondo, Marina Garcés and Alberto Conejero.

    Set space
    Pep Aymerich

    Albert Coma

    Sound space
    Julià Carboneras

    Jou Serra
    Mario Andrés Gómez
    Art design
    Anna Auquer

    La Beren

    Documentary advisor
    Sergi Bernal

    Audio testimonies
    Documental El retratista d’Alberto Bougleux and de Sergi Bernal

    Student on practice at l'Escola Eòlia
    Natàlia Jiménez

    Technical and management teams of the TNC

    Executive production
    Imma Bové

    With the collaboration of
    Poeta Martí Sales in the translation of the texts into Catalan.
    Família Benaiges, Marina Garcés, Javier Iglesias, José Luis Bernaldo de Quirós, Elisa Rapado Jambrina, Carmen Agulló Díaz (Universitat de València), Salomó Marqués i Sureda (Universitat de Girona), Alejandro Pérez Olivares (Universidad de La Laguna), Santiago Vega Sombría (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Escola Eòlia, Àngel Canyiguera and Susana Roman and all the TNC team who have accompanied us throughout the process.

    Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, Xavier Bobés and FITT de Tarragona

    With the support of
    ICEC, Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals and L’Animal a l’Esquena

    Technical and management teams of the TNC