Epicentre: 1920s Paral·lel

Epicentre: 1920s Paral·lel

During the first third of the 20th century, the avinguda del Paral·lel was the centre of Barcelona popular culture. Its stages, protagonists of the boom experienced by the leisure industry, witnessed the main transformations of the socio-political landscapes of contemporary Catalonia.

The heritage epicentre of the 2020/21 season revolves around the musical theatre of El Paral·lel of the twenties and thirties. Because approaching the golden age of El Paral·lel not only means exploring a universe of endless treasures, an impressive episode in the history of our collective imaginaries. It also means having the opportunity to listen firsthand to some absolutely outstanding witnesses to the expansion of Catalan society into a mass society.


L’Emperadriu del Paral·lel, de Lluïsa Cunillé
06/05/21 – 13/06/21
Sala Gran


Photographic exhibition:El Paral·lel de L’Emperadriu
06/05/21 – 13/06/21
Main hall

Talk about with Dolors Marín
Sala Gran

Conference with music on the Paral·lel of the 1920s by Xavier Albertí
Xavier Albertí will give a lecture on the golden age of one of the cultural and liberal arteries of the city of Barcelona during the 1920s. A review of the history of mass and popular culture in one of the city's most mythical avenues.
17/05/21 at 7 pm
Sala Petita


L’Emperadriu del Paral·lel, de Lluïsa Cunillé. Arola Editors / TNC, 2021