June 2022


Europa Bull

  • Indi Gest
  • Dramaturgy and direction Jordi Oriol
  • Sala Petita
  • 30/06/2022 al 17/07/2022

Grec 2022 Festival de Barcelona

A linguistically surprising production based on the myth of Europa and its current boiling point.

It is peculiar, and also revealing, that the myth of abduction and rape is what gives Europe its name. Today, those on the opposite shore make the same journey across the Mediterranean, abducted by the idea of Europe, and, along the way, suffer rape and extortion. Many die at sea and those who do make it are welcomed by denial of asylum and “refugee camps”. At times like this and, after so many -isms, how can we believe in the European Union without resorting to EU-phemisms?

Europe is made of stories, of myths. Stories that draw our imaginary. That explain us. That portray us. Europe, in itself, is no longer a myth. The one that tells the story of our Zeus (god almighty) who, burning with love for the Phoenician princess Europa, travelled to the coast of today’s Lebanon (or Syria) and, in the guise of a huge bull, abducted her, crossed the Mediterranean and, once in Crete (or Lampedusa) raped her. And perhaps since then… Europe has been boiling
It is like a pressure cooker that whistles and steams. Europe is bubbling, about to explode… It’s a hullabaloo. And with so much noise, we no longer hear the joy of the anthem; we only note the deafness of its composer.
An authoritarian white bull abducted Europa and now, perhaps, we see we’ll never manage to tame it.

Jordi Oriol, director of the show.

Production team

Indi Gest
Dramaturgy and direction
Jordi Oriol
Sasha Agranov, Sarah Anglada, Olga Onrubia, Jordi Oriol, Carles Pedragosa and Karl Stets
  • + Information
    Carles Pedragosa
    Sasha Agranov
    Karl Stets

    Space and costumes
    Sílvia Delagneau
    Max Glaenzel

    Marc Salicrú

    Marc Permanyer

    Sound space
    Jordi Salvadó

    Assistant director
    Anna Serrano
    Esteve Gorina i Andreu

    Space and costume assistant
    Adriana Parra

    Set design construction

    Sílvia Poch
    Costume design
    Begoña Simón
    Rosa Barbero
    Inés i Trini

    Chief technician
    Albert Glas

    Technicians on tour
    Olalla Calvo
    Jordi Arbós
    Arnau Planchart
    Carlos Parra
    Daniel Pino

    Executive production
    Helena Font

    Production assistant
    Gina Aspa Miralta

    Indi Gest, Premi Quim Masó 2018 and Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

    With the support of
    L’Oficina de Suport a la Iniciativa Cultural (OSIC)
    With the collaboration of
    Teatre L’Artesà

    Within the framework of the Grec 2022 Festival de Barcelona. Europa Bull was the winner of the Quim Masó 2018 Award

    Mercè Canals
    Sofia Gallarate
    Steffen Lundsgaard
    Pere Orteu
    Pep Arumí
    Manel Palahí
    Daniel Furtià
    La Brutal
    La vaca Penka

    Special thanks to
    Joan Carreras
    Anna Hierro