Mission, vision and objectives

Mission, vision and objectives


The TNC is a cultural institution created to contribute to the cultural growth of Catalonia through the performing arts.


The TNC, as a public cultural facility, seeks to contribute to positioning the performing arts as a tool for improving a society in constant evolution, through the excellence of artistic and educational initiatives open to all.

Strategic objectives of the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

The whole programme and all the events of the TNC must ensure the following public service obligations, which are considered its strategic objectives:
  1. Prepare the programme of the artistic season structured around Catalan and universal heritage, innovation and new Catalan playwriting, contemporary theatre, family theatre, dance and major international productions.
  2. Promote the Catalan language through the performing arts.
  3. Develop and establish an educational and social programme based on theatre and the performing arts.
  4. Include the gender perspective in the theatre programme, in its public scope and its internal working.
  5. Establish creative and loyalty-building strategies to bring the performing arts to everyone.
  6. Contribute to the growth/enhancement of companies and professionals of the performing arts in Catalonia.
  7. Act as a leader of the system of public facilities and promote the performing arts throughout Catalan-speaking areas.
  8. Promote the activity of the TNC abroad to help the internationalisation of Catalan culture.
  9. Ensure the sustainability, transparency, efficiency and quality of management