Nosaltres (A nosotros nos daba igual)



Nosaltres (A nosotros nos daba igual)

  • Helena Tornero
  • Directed by Ricard Soler Mallol
  • Sala Petita
  • al

The difference in the other's gaze.

Five children of immigrants travel to their parents’ country of origin, a country that is not really theirs either. A journey to memory, to the origins, a journey of learning and loss of innocence told in the first person. A journey of learning about the origins of those who were born in a country of which they feel they are children but that has never accepted them as such.

“So where are you from?” Have you ever been asked this question? Maybe sometimes the tone has been kind. Others, perhaps, hinted at a more hostile subtext. People have always been here and there. What happens when you're here but your parents' home country is there? When you're from here, but others don't see you from here? In Nosaltres (A nosotros nos daba igual), you will find five fragments of life. Five journeys towards the origins of the parents, but also towards identity itself, that of the traveller, but also of the audience. Five characters who have had to hear this question too often, the result of a biased look, constructed by a certain discourse, by a story, the one they have told us, the one they have hidden from us, the one they have unconsciously transmitted to us. Five points of view of a part of the citizenry that we have often ignored when telling our joint history.

Helena Tornero, author, and Ricard Soler Mallol, director of the show.

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This show is part of the Cycle 3D, three Catalan plays on the most immediate reality.

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    12 € i
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    24 € i
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    12 € i
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    20 € i
  • Times

    Wednesdays at 7 pm (27 October and 3 November school performances at 11 am)
    Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7 pm
    Sunday at 6 pm

    Gender: Theatre
    Running time:
    1 h 50 min
    Recommended age :
    14 years and above
    Show in:
    catalan and spanish
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Production team

Helena Tornero
Directed by
Ricard Soler Mallol
Nacho Almeida, Neus Ballbé, Tamara Ndong Bielo, María Ramos, Junyi Sun
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    Set design
    Mónica Boromello

    Anabela Rolanda Lubisse
    Gelsomina Torelli

    Adrià Pinar
    Sound design
    Lucas Ariel Vallejos

    Elena Juárez

    Junyi Sun

    Assistant director
    Inés García
    Teatro Español and Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

    With the collaboration of
    Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals, S.A.



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Education service

Recommended school levels: secondary school students aged 12 to 18.
This play is recommended by the TNC Education Service as a useful tool for the training and cultural development of children and youths.