Youth pack 2023-2024

Youth pack 2023-2024

Up to 35 years

If you want to come to the TNC more than once, this is your pack. Enjoy tickets at €12! Limited units.

Shows included in the pack:

La plaça del Diamant, La madre de Frankenstein, Els Watson, Paraíso de los negros, Els criminals, S 62°58’, W 60°39’, De Nao Albet i Marcel Borràs, La Tempesta, Extinció, Altres formes, Andorra, Tanatologia, Entrevistes breus amb dones excepcionals, است (És), Amnèsia, La festa, La filla de l’est, Acampada, Baby no more

Free shows with the pack:
Balls literaris, Dramatúrgia emergent europea: França, 365 Dones l’any, TDDAY
  • Youth pack 2 (2 tickets for 2 different shows)
    24 € 12 € / ticket
  • Youth pack 4 (4 tickets for 2 different shows)
    48 € 12 € / ticket

Benefits of a pack

  • Choose the show and day you want to come throughout the season
  • Change your ticket day up to 24 h before the performance
  • Free activities
  • 15% discount in the La Barra del TNC
  • Discounts in B:SM car parks near the TNC
  • Any questions? Contact us at