Pedra a pedra


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Pedra a pedra

  • Rosa Díaz
    El teatre de l'home dibuixat
  • Sala Tallers
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Theatre From Castelló de la Plana comes El teatre de l’home dibuixat to surprise us with a production for everyone that will amaze us. In Pedra a pedra, inanimate objects come to life and combine to adopt the most unsuspected and original forms. With stones, the actor Tian Gombau composes a world made of small things which will awaken the imagination of the youngest. The tin man, a person who devours the stones he collects, sees how his life changes when he discovers someone like him. Pedra a pedra is inspired by the book of the same title by Isidro Ferrer, and won the award for the best small format production in FETEN’08. A visual work, full of poetry, which conceals a tender story that speaks to us of rejection and the prejudices that we have about what we do not know.

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Production team

Rosa Díaz
El teatre de l'home dibuixat
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    Direction Rosa Díaz Set design and objects Isa Soto Costumes El teatre de l’home dibuixat Music Mariano Lozano-P
    Cast Tian Gombau Production El teatre de l’home dibuixat