Women Pioneers Epicentre

Women Pioneers Epicentre

The shows, events and publications of epicentre seek to recover some fundamental female voices from oblivion to better understand our cultural heritage.

The stories of Catalan theatre before the Civil War do not feature many names of female writers. Many of the brightest playwrights had careers of remarkable brevity, often due to personal reasons that took them away from the stage. In quite a few cases, they also decided to write under male pennames to avoid the moral imperatives of their time. The epicentre of the 2019-2020 season seeks to help recover some of these female voices from a particularly unfair oblivion, fundamental to better understand our dramatic heritage.


To mark the women pioneers epicentre, the TNC publish, in collaboration with Arola Editors and the Institut Català de les Dones (Catalan Women´s Institute), some special publications by some of the most outstanding female writers of the Catalan panorama.

Pioneres modernes. Dotze autores de l’escena catalana 1876-1938
Volume a charge of Mercè Ibarz. This volume includes a selection of pieces from Rosa Maria Arquimbau, Maria Carratalà, Maria Lluïsa Algarra, Llucieta Canyà, Cecília A. Màntua, Carme Montoriol, Lluïsa Denís, Maria Domènech, Carme Karr, Felip Palma [Palmira Ventós], Víctor Català [Caterina Albert] y Dolors Monserdà. Arola Editors / TNC, 2020.

Volum de Teatre reunit de Rosa Maria Arquimbau, Arola Editors / TNC, 2020

L’huracà, de Carme Montoriol, Arola Editors / TNC, 2020

Volum de Teatre reunit de Víctor Català, Arola Editors / TNC, 2020

Volum de Teatre reunit de Carme Montoriol, Arola Editors / TNC, 2020