Women Pioneers Epicentre

Women Pioneers Epicentre

The 2019/20 season was abruptly curtailed by the Covid-19 pandemic, and the Women Pioneers Epicentre, which sought to recover some fundamental female voices from oblivion for a better understanding of our cultural legacy, could not be completed as we would have liked. Therefore, this 2020/21 season we want to resume the full scope of the Women Pioneers Epicentre with its scope with its shows, events and publications.

The histories of Catalan theatre before the Civil War feature few names of female playwrights. Many of the most brilliant ones had notably short careers, often for personal reasons that kept them away from the stage. In many cases, they also decided to write under masculine pseudonyms to avoid the moral strictures of their time. The Women Pioneers Epicentre seeks to help recover from a particularly unjust oblivion some of these female voices, which were fundamental for a better understanding of our theatre legacy.


Solitud a Stromboli. Somnis, símbols, signes, by Rosa Delor and Núria Casado Gual
12/11/20 – 15/11/20
Sala Petita

Solitud, by Víctor Català
10/12/20 – 03/01/21
Sala Petita

Una venjança com n’hi ha poques, by Lluïsa Denís
Es rifa un home!, by Rosa Maria Arquimbau
Les cartes, by Víctor Català
Sala Petita

L’huracà, by Carme Montoriol
10/06/21 – 13/06/21
Sala Petita


Photographic exhibition of pre-1938 women playwrights
10/12/20 – 03/01/21 and 10/06/21 – 13/06/21
TNC foyers

Talk on Solitud
Sala Petita

Presentation of the Women Pioneers Epicentre publications
Març 2021
Sala Tallers


In collaboration with Arola Editors

Pioneres modernes. Dotze autores de l’escena catalana 1876-1938, an anthology edited by Mercè Ibarz with plays by Rosa M. Arquimbau, Maria Carratalà, Maria Lluïsa Algarra, Llucieta Canyà, Cecília A. Màntua, Carme Montoriol, Lluïsa Denís, Maria Domènech, Carme Karr, Felip Palma [Palmira Ventós], Víctor Català [Caterina Albert] and Dolors Monserdà. Arola Editors / TNC, 2020

Volume of the collection “Teatre reunit” on Rosa Maria Arquimbau. Arola Editors / TNC, 2020

Volume of the collection “Teatre reunit” on Carme Montoriol. Arola Editors / TNC, 2020

Volume of the collection “Teatre reunit” on Víctor Català. Arola Editors / TNC, 2020