Sala Gran

Description of the venue

Access is via the upper area, crossing a surrounding passage for taking a stroll and relaxing with windows overlooking the auditorium. The interior décor is made of wood, both to improve the acoustics and to achieve a feeling of sobriety and elegance in this big auditorium.

It has a capacity of 870 seats, arranged in the form of a classic amphitheatre, which ensures maximum visibility. The seats themselves, designed by Ricardo Bofill, are made of stainless steel and tobacco-coloured leather. Highly complex sound studies have been carried out to ensure good acoustics from any part of the auditorium.

Above the ceiling there is a series of technical galleries, with windows for the light projectors. The air conditioning system works through grilles located under the seats.

Stage area

The stage area itself has a height of 35 metres. The stage is 18 metres wide and 16 deep. The height of the stage opening is 9.85 metres, and below the stage there is a depth of 5 metres. The stage area also comprises lateral spaces of 16x16 metres and a space behind the stage of 18x16 metres .

The ceiling lighting bar consists of 56 aluminium bars 22 metres long that rise and fall driven by 56 motors. Each of these bars can support up to 500 kg and can carry, alternatively, spotlights or stage elements. The bars are complemented by 28 additional motors. All the stage machinery is controlled by a computer system.

Artists' area

In the artists’ area there are dressing rooms for up to 70 people. All the dressing rooms of the Sala Gran are arranged around a patio to achieve a place of circulation and communication facilitating human contact between the actors. A stairway connects the artists’ patio with the waiting room from where the actors enter the stage. In this space there are small dressing rooms for quick changes, make-up, hairdressing and scene costumes, stage assistance and group dressing rooms (musicians and dance groups).

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