Sala Petita

General information

Sala Petita

variable, between 266 and 450 according to the production.
196 m2 (14 x 14 x 8 m)
194 m2 (15.5 X 12.5 m)

Description of the venue

With entrance through carrer de Padilla, it has its own services independent from the Sala Gran: box office, toilets, dressing rooms and direct access from the public car park.

The auditorium, built with functional materials, has been designed as a multifunctional space, adaptable thanks to the mobile galleries, the collapsible seats and the retractable stands allowing various arrangements of the seating according to the stage space. These options affect the capacity of the auditorium (variable, around 450 seats) depending on the production.

An interior stairway directly links the Sala Petita with the main foyer.


Stage area

The side galleries, the upper lighting bar and the floor make up a space in the form of a harmonic prism, 14.14 metres wide, 21.70 metres long and 8 metres high.

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