Season presentation 2019-2020 Xavier Albertí

Season presentation 2019-2020 Xavier Albertí

Conquest and resistance

The foundations of human life are unstable, and only provide us with some solidity when they are rooted in instability itself.

The main areas of identity are built upon fragility: in terms of memory, sexual identity or language, as well as social roles, public recognition or pacts of coexistence.

If we want to actively engage with human dignity, we can only do so through this fragility. To show ourselves in a position to assume the fragility that characterises our reality, without this in any way meaning that we give up the critical and combative dialogue with the landscapes that surround us.

The territories of dignity are both diverse and swampy. Great efforts are needed to conquer some of them and great tenacity to resist the numerous attacks that threaten them.

That is why we wanted to adopt the slogan of "conquest and resistance" for the 2019/2020 season, with the aim of emphasising this ethical tension that we will often encounter in the programme.

Xavier Albertí
Artistic Director of the TNC