Season presentation 2018-2019

Season presentation 2018-2019

Dogma and Freedom

The symbolic dimension of human beings is both a fascinating and unsolvable labyrinth.

We often pass through different corridors whose similarities never cease to surprise us. Sometimes we encounter the same crossings, and yet we no longer remember the last time we were there. And when we try to follow the threads that should help to guide us, we are perplexed to discover that they have become entangled.

In this increasingly propagandistic world in which we have to live, we are offered multiple treatments ‒ both stimulating and palliative ‒ for the deep wounds of our symbolic dimension. But most of these prescriptions merely try to alleviate the most visible inflammations, without taking into account that often the best way of treating any disease from its early stages is to observe the symptoms without concealing them.

If there are two easily inflammable concepts in this labyrinth from which we cannot escape, they are probably “dogma” and “freedom”, which is why we wanted them to preside over the 2018-19 season.

Xavier Albertí
Artistic Director of the TNC