Presentation 2020-2021 Season

Presentation 2020-2021 Season

Answers and Uncertainties

We begin a season in which uncertainty has taken up residence in our individual consciousness and become the key to our collective imaginary. But we cannot forget that the last few years have borne the profound mark of crisis and fragility, although in 2020 vulnerabilities have quite visibly levelled out.

The randomness of each unpredictable moment should not exempt us from our responsibilities. Life is always uncertain, and will probably always be despite the heroic advances in technology. We humans, however, have a precious instrument for confronting uncertainties: culture. In other words, our shared or sharable background, recent and remote, with all its grandeur and pettiness, so necessary when developing our viewpoint.

Theatre, as a collective ritual, always acts to expand our perspective on life, to strengthen our capacity to respond to the world. An undoubtedly precarious yet essential capacity in our nature as ethical and aesthetic animals. This is probably why there are so many masterpieces in the performing arts based around “apocalypses”, understood as those decisive crises on which a new collective order can be founded.

This 2020/21 season, my last as artistic director of the TNC, abounds with apocalyptic themes that foresee profound transformations and expresses the necessity, and above all the possibility, of enhancing our commitment to life, while never overlooking its inevitable fragilities. I hope you enjoy and experience it to the full.

Xavier Albertí
Artistic Director