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I also go to the TNC

I also go to the TNC

If you like theatre and you’re a father or mother with boys or girls, now you can come to the TNC together!

While the adults attend the performance, the young ones can enjoy a leisure activity related to the show at the TNC. A different way for the family to share the experience of going to the theatre.

The leisure activity for boys and girls, created by the TNC Education and Social Programme, is run by specialised monitors and linked to the show that the parents are watching. (limited places)

If you want to enjoy this show and activity, click on the buy button, select the performance day, then indicate the number of adults for the show and, finally, how many boys and girls will do the activity. After the buying, you will receive an email with a form which you should return with the name, surnames and age of the children and your contact information.

Performances with activity

  • Mrs. Dalloway + Workshop Virginia LLOP i les flors
    Performances 22 and 29 December of 2019

About workshop and the show

Workshop Virginia LLOP i les flors
22 and 29 December 2019
5.45 to 7.35 pm
upper foyer
6 to 11 years

We will explore the figure of the author of Mrs. Dalloway based on the story of Virginia LLOP and an album illustrated by Kyo Maclear and Isabelle Arsenault, which describes the beautiful relationship between Virginia Woolf and her painter sister Vanessa.

Vanessa’s sister, Virginia, has woken up in a bad mood. Although Vanessa does everything to cheer her up, nothing works. Virginia talks to her about an imaginary and perfect place called Bloomsberry. Vanessa decides to turn the walls of her room into a magnificent spot and draws a lovely garden, which will be where her sister will find a little peace.

Virginia Woolf‘s admiration for flowers is well known, as is that of one of her characters, Mrs. Dalloway. We suggest completing the workshop by making flower crowns and ornaments. We will cut up and stick different kinds of paper to create our floral pieces.

Mrs. Dalloway
Virginia Woolf
Direcció Carme Portaceli
22 and 29 December 2019
From 6 pm to 7.35 pm
Sala Gran

Blanca Portillo leads one of the masterpieces by Virginia Woolf
Virginia Woolf explores 24 hours in the life of Clarissa Dalloway, from getting up in the morning and preparing a party for her husband to the start of the party in the evening. This period is marked by the hours sounded by the Big Ben clock bell, by the time that passes and that takes Clarissa forwards and backwards in the time of her life.