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Thematic lines

Thematic lines

The Teatre Nacional de Catalunya has to be a theatre for civic reflection, a place to question, debate and respond to the themes of our time. And the thematic line helps us in this aim.
Every season is built around a thematic concept, which acts as a nerve centre of the programme and the related events. The plays are not arbitrarily chosen but deal with common themes, from different perspectives and points of view.

2019-2020 season: The foundations of human life are unstable, and only provide us with some solidity when they are rooted in instability itself.
The main areas of identity are built upon fragility: in terms of memory, sexual identity or language, as well as social roles, public recognition or pacts of coexistence.
If we want to actively engage with human dignity, we can only do so through this fragility. To show ourselves in a position to assume the fragility that characterises our reality, without this in any way meaning that we give up the critical and combative dialogue with the landscapes that surround us.
The territories of dignity are both diverse and swampy. Great efforts are needed to conquer some of them and great tenacity to resist the numerous attacks that threaten them.
That is why we wanted to adopt the slogan of "conquest and resistance" for the 2019/2020 season, with the aim of emphasising this ethical tension that we will often encounter in the programme.

2018-2019 season: The symbolic dimension of human beings is an equally fascinating and irresolvable labyrinth.
We often go through different passages that never cease to surprise us because of their similarities. Sometimes we reencounter the same crossroads and do not remember the last time we passed it. And when we try to follow the threads that should help us to orient ourselves, we discover perplexed that they have become entangled. In the increasingly propagandistic world in which we live, we are offered multiple treatments ‒ both stimulating and palliative ‒ for the deep wounds of our symbolic dimension. But most of these prescriptions are only intended to bring down the most visible inflammations, without taking into account that, often, the best way to treat any disease at the root is to observe its symptoms without concealing them.
If there are two easily flammable concepts in this labyrinth from which we cannot escape, they are likely to be "dogma" and "freedom."

2017-2018 season: Thematic line: Identity
This 2017/2018 season we wish to explicitly reflect on the issue of identity from highly diverse perspectives, exploring the resulting conflicts when it clashes with the many dynamics of power.
We are aware that only from the margins can we build solid discourses on the pitfalls that threaten our dignity. For this reason, and because we believe that theatre is one of the best spaces that our society has to celebrate human dignity, we also wish to give a significant role to realities that deserve a more prominent role on the stages of our public life.

2016-2017 Season. Thematic line: Language
The strength of images is often insufficient when establishing pacts that are truly valid to support our coexistence beyond effervescent and fleeting euphoria. In a plural society, pacts urgently need words to last: consistent, subtle, honest, "full" words.
In this respect, for the 2016/2017 season, TNC productions have sought to delve into the labyrinths of language and to explore the fissures of the discourses with which we structure our identity, today or throughout our recent or past history.

2015-2016 Season. Thematic line: Violence
The 2015/2016 season revolves around the concept of violence to ask, from the stage languages of our time, about the different forms of violence that cross and shape us as a society. Because violence – the set of mechanisms used to legitimate power aided by collective complicity faced with the silenced injustices and differences – is one of the main territories where we build our identity.

2014-2015 Season. Thematic line: Family
Today the family is more than ever an essential space of our public and private identity. A reduced but fascinatingly complex space, where the most intense connections and secret transgressions that articulate us as a group can be expressed.
In the great theatre of the world, the family is the first scenario that puts us to the test and also defines us as members of the human species. Therefore, the family is definitively an extraordinarily precise thermometer for gauging the real temperature of the transformations experienced − or believed to be experienced − by an era; demographic, anthropological, economic and symbolic transformations that are sometimes merely apparent, while on other occasions they are truly convulsive.

2013-2014 Season. Thematic line: Border
We need borders to organise the world, to articulate our identity, to locate ourselves on all kinds of conceptual and topographical maps, to go beyond systems, to confront our own limits. We need symbolic and conventional lines that demarcate what we are and what we are not, if only to spend our lives questioning or denying it.
Wondering about the borders of the contemporary world mainly involves space-time combinations in which the links communicate at the speed of light. We had learnt to catalogue reality concept by concept and now we need to learn how to organise it by superimposing one over the other.