July 2024


What the Foc?!

  • Gerardo Salinas and Junior Mthombeni
  • Directed by Junior Mthombeni and Gerardo Salinas
  • Sala Petita
  • 04/07/24 al 14/07/24

A fire with a thousand faces and stories, connecting Catalonia with Africa, Latin America and the world

Cities do not exist. Cities are the sum of the performances of all those who live in them. What we do or do not do creates the city of every day. Otherwise, a city becomes a meaningless set. As we move, we water our streets with our stories, dreams and desires. Layers and layers of passions and hopes. This is the fire of Barcelona. An ancient fire that attracts people from all over the world. A fire that feeds on stories and lives. A fire that creates but can also destroy. In What the Foc?!, a group of performers from today's Barcelona invites us to jump into the flames of this fire, to discover what stories it holds, and how it connects us with the rest of the world.

What the Foc?! is a multidisciplinary and multilingual creation. A joint venture between TNC and KVS in Brussels.

Production team

Gerardo Salinas and Junior Mthombeni
Directed by
Junior Mthombeni and Gerardo Salinas
Gerardo Salinas and Junior Mthombeni
Ricard Boyle, Jack Chakataga, Mamadou Diallo Balde, Aïssatou Djob, Marc Domingo, Denise Duncan, Momo Fabré, Nicolás Fuentes González, Adriana Fuertes Lara, Sílvia Kamats, Joan Llobera Serra, Maisa Perk, Shorlady Preciado, Laura Riera, Kathy Sey, Sylwia Sienicka, Junyi Sun
  • + Information
    Creation of stage space
    Eugenio Szwarcer

    Original music
    Cesar Janssens

    Alesandra Seutin
    Sound design
    Cesar Janssens

    Junior Mthombeni

    Assistant director
    Mauricio Sierra
    Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

    Technical and management teams of the TNC

    With the co-production of
    KVS de Brussel·les