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  • Direction Jordi Fondevila
  • Sala Petita
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A multidisciplinary circus shows by one of the most outstanding artists in the contemporary circus

Ahir is an interdisciplinary circus show that unites body, light and sound and speaks to us about the relationship of the past with the present. The use of objective data collected the day before the performance creates a bridge that connects yesterday with today. This union is where the show takes place.

The directions of yesterday’s wind writing the choreography of the circus artist; yesterday's air temperature setting the intensity of light of a scene or the yesterday’s movement of the birds across the sky writing musical melodies are three of the examples that can be seen performed in the show.

The trip suggested by the artists is altered according to the data of the previous day, determining the show every time it is performed and achieving a piece close to site-specific full of details, poetics, risk, freshness and surprising images.

Animal Religion works to innovate circus and find new means of expression. From the beginning of its creations it shares a space in which light, body and sound/music emerge simultaneously to create its identity. This is the ninth show since the start of the company in 2012.

COVID-19 cancellation: Following the measures taken by the Catalan Government regarding the situation of COVID-19, the TNC cancels its performances an public activities during alarm status. This situation forces us to suspend the show.

Prices and times

  • General price

    24 €
  • Youth price 50%

    12 € i
  • Special price 15%

    20 € i
  • Times

    Wednesday 19 pm
    Thursday and Friday 20 pm
    Saturday 19 pm
    Sunday 18 pm

    Gender: Contemporary circus
    Running time:
    50 min
    Recommended age :
    14 years and above


Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su

Production team

Jordi Fondevila
Translated by
Joan Cot Ros
Circus artist
Quim Girón
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    Artist of lights
    Joana Serra Forasté

    Music and sound
    Joan Cot Ros

    Scenic space
    Mercè Lucchetti
    Teatre Nacional de Catalunya and Animal Religion