September 2024


Amateur theatre productions on Pitarra

  • Sala Tallers
  • 28/6/2014 al 29/6/2014

Catalonia enjoys such theatrical health thanks to the vitality of a popular theatre culture that guaranteed the survival of essential elements of a heritage that on too many occasions had been eliminated from the official stages. Now that the Catalan scene has managed to professionalise, amateur theatre has been able to maintain its dynamism to continue developing our drama panorama. The extraordinary popularity that Serafí Pitarra enjoyed in his time still has a living echo in the network of amateur theatre groups in Catalonia, without which the driving force of the father of modern Catalan drama would probably not have persisted until today. For this reason, the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya wishes to recognise its debt to the essential work of the citizen associations, establishing a dialogue around the Pitarra Epicentre. The Catalan Federation of Amateur Theatre Groups currently comprises around 300 groups from all over the territory. Throughout the season, some of them will stage diverse texts by Pitarra and later over one weekend the Sala Tallers will house the four most outstanding productions.

Production team