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Declan Donnellan, founder of the company Cheek by Jowl and one of the most prestigious stage directors in the world, presents Andromaque, in French and with an unforgettable production. Thus, Jean Racine enters the repertoire of the TNC. Premiered in 1667, Andromaque brought great fame to Racine as a playwright. This is a story of fathers and sons, in the words of Donnellan, which sets off the unstoppable mechanism of tragedy when Orestes arrives at the court of Pyrrhus to demand the death of Astyanax, son of Hector and Andromache, because he fears that in the future he will want to claim vengeance for Troy. This is the starting point of this story of unchained, unrequited and consequently fatal loves. Andromaque is, together with Berenice and Phaedra, Racine’s tragedy par excellence: heroes shaken by love, fatal passions combined with political sub-plots, inner conflicts and inevitable moves towards death and madness... all woven with the mastery of the great classics. Donnellan details the contradictions of power and passion with a great respect for Racinian alexandrine. Five unique performances offering the chance to see a production of the highest quality.

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Jean Racine
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    Direction Declan Donnellan Costumes and characterization Nick Ormerod Lighting Judith Greenwood Movimiento Jane Gibson Sound space Marc-Olivier Dupin Director’s assistant Michelangelo Marchese
    Cast Xavier Boiffier Vincent de Bouard Camille Cayol Romain Cottard Christophe Grégoire Camille Japy Cécile Leterme Sylvain Levitte Bénédicte Wenders Production CITC – Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord (París), Théâtre du Nord (Lille), Cheek By Jowl Theatre Company (Londres) y la participación artística del Jeune Théâtre National El Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord está dirigido por Micheline Rozan y Peter Brook