September 2024


El vestit nou de l'emperador

  • Hans Christian Andersen
  • Sala Gran
  • 20.11.08 al 04.01.09

Musical Theatre El Nacional petit presents a very special musical in the Sala Gran that will captivate the youngest and the not so young. Who is not familiar with The Emperor’s New Clothes, the famous tale by Hans Christian Andersen? The story of that capricious king and lover of clothes, who commissions a new outfit to two scoundrels who promise they can make the finest and most delicate fabric that anyone can imagine and which has the particularity that only intelligent people will be able to see it. Who will not be able to see that new suit? What mystery lies behind that special fabric? Andersen’s tale ends with a ridiculous parade. Here, Anna Llopart, writer of the adaptation, dares to go beyond the plot of the tale. As she explains, «there are characters that have a life outside the pages of the book.» These characters, with many experiences, people a very particular musical that fuses diverse styles, from gospel to rap, as well as funk, jazz and opera, and which will make us relive the magic of Andersen’s tales... and perhaps take us a little further. .

Production team

Hans Christian Andersen
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    Direction Anna Llopart Set design Ricard Prat Costumes Maria Araujo Lightning Keith Yetton (aai) Sound Damien Bazin Movement and director’s assistant Àfrica Navarro Characterisation Toni Santos Executive production Nati Sarriá Producer’s assistant Lorena López
    Cast Ferran Campabadal Javier Canales Xavier Martínez Marta Rafa Musicians Roqui Albero Dani Comas Tania Mesa Dimitri Skidanov Ignasi Terraza Production Teatre Nacional de Catalunya and
    Bitò Produccions
    Estrena a Salt (Festival Temporada Alta) el 15 de novembre