Els baixos fons


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Els baixos fons

  • Maxim Gorki
  • Sala Petita
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Theatre When the wretched ones speak, everything shakes The TNC premieres its first play by Maxim Gorky, writer, playwright, politician and one of the most influential figures of early 20th century Russian literature. Premiered in Moscow in 1902 and directed by Stanislavski, The Lower Depths broke through the theatre panorama of Russia and Europe as one of the most radical and avant-garde developments of the time. The piece takes a revolutionary leap and frankly portrays characters and life from the most deprived layers of urban society. For the occasion, Carme Portaceli and Albert Tola have created a dramaturgy that brings Els baixos fons (The Lower Depths) to a more current time and space.

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Maxim Gorki
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    Russian Translation Helena Vidal Jordi Bordas i Coca Stage direction Carme Portaceli Original music Dani Nel·lo Jordi Prats Set design Paco Azorín Costume Lluna Albert Movement Ferran Carvajal Musical arrangements Dani Nel·lo Jordi Prats Lighting Miguel Muñoz Assistant director Mercè Vila Godoy
    Cast Nao Albet David Bagés Manel Barceló Mohamed el Bouhabi Roger Casamajor Lluïsa Castell Jordi Collet Daniela Feixas Gabriela Flores Lina Lambert Albert Pérez Xavier Ripoll Special thanks Miquel Cabal i Guarro, Jordi Collet i Olmo Digesú Production Teatre Nacional de Catalunya