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Europa Bull

  • Created and directed by Jordi Oriol
  • Sala Petita
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This is a Frenchman, a German and an Italian... And a Dutchman, and a Dane and a Belgian... And a Greek and a Finn, and a Spaniard and a Portuguese... And a Swede, and a Pole, and an Irishman, and an Austrian, and a Romanian, and a Luxembourgian, and a Slovenian, and a Croatian, and a Hungarian, and a Czech and a Slovakian, and a Latvian and a Lithuanian and an Estonian... And a Bulgarian, and a Maltese, and a Cypriot and a... Brit, who are holding hands, but more than one has started to sweat.

Is Europe itself a joke? Should it make us laugh our heads off? Or should we be shitting our pants?

Perhaps there, holding hands, united under the name of Europe, we could explain the myth that gave us a name: that which tells the story of an all-powerful God who, burning with love for a Phoenician girl, sailed to the coasts of today’s Lebanon (or Syria)... and, under the guise of an enormous bull, abducted her while crossing the Mediterranean and, once in Crete (or Lampedusa…), raped her... And since then... Europe has been boiling.

It is like a pressure cooker whistling and steaming. Europe is bubbling, it’s about to explode. It’s a hullabaloo. A hotchpotch and, with so much noise, we no longer hear the joy of the ode; we only note the deafness of its composer.

An authoritarian white bull abducted Europa and now, perhaps, we see that we’ll never manage to tame it.

Jordi Oriol
Playwright and director

Show winner of the 12th Quim Masó Award for theatre projects.

Show included in the subscription.

Prices and times

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    24 €
  • Youth price 50%

    12 € i
  • Special price 15%

    20 € i
  • Times

    Wednesday 19 pm
    Thursday and Friday 20 pm
    Saturday 19 pm
    Sunday 18 pm
    Running time:
    and 1 h 50 min
    Recommended age :
    14 years and above


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Production team

Created and directed by
Jordi Oriol
Sasha Agranov, Joan Carreras, Anna Hierro, Carles Pedragosa, Karl Stets and Olga Onrubia
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    Musical direction
    Carles Pedragosa

    Space and costumes
    Sílvia Delagneau and Max Glaenzel

    Marc Salicrú

    Projection design
    Marc Permanyer
    Sound space
    Jordi Salvadó

    Director's assistant
    Anna Parra

    Space and costumes assistant
    Adriana Parra

    Technical boss
    Albert Glas
    Student in practice of Institut del Teatre
    Gabi Jiménez

    Executive producction
    Helena Font

    Indi Gest, Premi Quim Masó 2018 and Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

    Supported by
    L’Oficina de Suport a la Iniciativa Cultural (OSIC)


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Sota la direcció de #JordiOriol, la Sala Petita acollirà del 28/11 al 15/12 #europabullTNC. Un guirigall de ric-ric…