January 2022


Fuego Fuego

  • Dramaturgy and direction Manuela Infante
  • Sala Tallers
  • 14/01/2022 al 06/02/2022

Manuela Infante’s unique, intelligent and poetic perspective of brings fire to life.

After the success of Estado vegetal, in which Manuela Infante explored how plants feel, think, and communicate and their relationship with humans, now the Chilean playwright looks at fire, its omnipresence and its devastating and transforming power.

Forest fires break out on exploited land. Fossil fuel wells burn out in the open air. The globe boils. Burning tyres and traffic lights serve as barricades on city streets. Arson attacks that in a single flash illuminate oppressions obscured by decades. Inflamed speeches. Sparks that spread contaminating revolutions. A wildfire embraces the world we live in. The future in smoke seems to be escaping us. Fire doesn't just destroy. Fire illuminates. Fire transforms what it unleashes its fury on. Sitting with our heads in our hands, so many times we watch it do it, dreaming. It is not the arsonist that creates fires. It is the fire that educates the arsonist. A stranger to our intentions and distinctions, fire, an inhuman force, that roars. With Fuego Fuego I continue my search for a non-human theatre, making the roar of this black animal reverberate on stage.

Manuela infante, author.

Production team

Dramaturgy and direction
Manuela Infante
Héctor Morales and Núria Lloansi
  • + Information
    Original music and sound space
    Diego Noguera

    Set design and ligthing
    Andrés Poirot

    Rosa Solé

    Assistant director
    Ester Villamo
    Set design and lighting assistant
    Ganecha Gil

    Dramaturgy and research
    Camila Valladares

    Collaboration in dramaturgy
    Michael Marder
    Camila Valladares

    Research advisor
    Marcelo Gonzalez
    Michael Marder
    Teatre Nacional de Catalunya