November 2021



  • Caterina Albert (Víctor Català)
  • Directed by Marc Angelet
  • Sala Tallers
  • 04/11/2021 al 07/11/2021

An electronic opera based on one of the most emblematic texts of Catalan literature.

Infanticida is the cry of a victim who everyone considers a criminal. A piece that transforms a very powerful monologue by Caterina Albert / Víctor Català into an electronic opera. A small format musical with original music by Clara Peya that conveys the anguish, guilt and suffering of the main character.

After the publication of La Infanticida (Jocs Florals d'Olot award 1898) and the uproar over the author being a woman, the jury asked Caterina Albert to soften some aspects of the monologue, lowering the harshness of her words, to be read at the awards ceremony without offending sensibilities. Albert refused and did not collect the award. After that event, she increasingly wrote under the pseudonym of Víctor Català. La Infanticida was not premiered until sixty years after it was written.

Infanticida is about a woman trying to find a crack of light in a dark and desolate world. Infanticida is a cry in the form of a song. The monologue gives a voice to a woman who had to silence her own to be free as an artist.

Neus Pàmies, actress, and Marc Angelet, director of the show.

Production team

Caterina Albert (Víctor Català)
Directed by
Marc Angelet
Adaptation and dramaturgy
Marc Rosich
Neus Pàmies and Gerard Marsal Norte
  • + Information
    Musical composition
    Clara Peya

    Set design
    Laura Clos “Closca”
    Felipe Cifuentes

    Pol Queralt

    Performance and electronic sound space
    Gerard Marsal
    Costume advise
    Marta Rafa

    Movement adviser
    Maria Salarich

    Felipe Cifuentes
    Alfonso Ferri

    Photography and video
    Albert Rué
    Costume advice
    Marta Rafa

    Promotional material
    Jaume Viñas

    Technical direction
    Pau Vila

    Neus Pàmies