September 2024


La paz perpetua

  • Juan Mayorga
  • Sala Petita
  • 02.10.08 al 12.10.08

«The person who wants to hit you smells different to the one who will caress you.» Odín. In a secret place, three dogs compete to win the most prestigious trophy: the white collar, which distinguishes the animal that wears it as a member of the elite force in the fight against terrorism. Through different physical and psychological tests they are submitted to, the debate around one of the most controversial ethical dilemmas in political and social life in our time gradually emerges. Juan Mayorga, Premio Nacional de Teatro 2007, presents his latest work under the direction of José Luis Gómez, in a production of the Centro Dramático Nacional in collaboration with Teatro de La Abadía. We are faced with an alarming metaphor for our world, the fight for survival; a text featuring animals (like two others by Mayorga: Últimas palabras de Copito de Nieve and La tortuga de Darwin), but profoundly rooted in the psychology of human existence. The distance and humour do not make a text written for enjoyment and reflection any less forceful, a text which suggests how far we can go to combat terrorism.

Production team

Juan Mayorga
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    Direction José Luis Gómez Set design and stage movement José Luis Gómez Costumes and characterization Alejandro Andújar Lighting José Manuel Guerra Sound space Javier Almela Musical selection José Luis Gómez Andrés Oliva Multimedia creation Álvaro Luna Director’s assistant Luis Blat Director’s assistant Andrea Delicado
    Set design assistant Silvia de Marta Costumes assistant Carmen Mancebo Lighting assistant Eduardo García Stage fight Carlos Alonso Cast José Luis Alcobendas Julio Cortázar Israel Elejalde Susi Sánchez Fernando Sansegundo Production Centro Dramático Nacional In collaboration with Teatro de La Abadía