September 2021


La Víctor C.

  • Anna Maria Ricart Codina from Víctor Català
  • Directed by Carme Portaceli
  • Sala Gran
  • 30/09/2021 al 07/11/2021

A different perspective on the life and work of Víctor Català / Caterina Albert.

Forced to camouflage herself under a male penname to avoid scandals, judgements and prejudices, Català was a revolutionary playwright. The writer herself spent the last 10 years in her bed, where she even received visitors. A real declaration of principles. Who was really hiding behind the alias? La Víctor C. is an approach to the enigmatic Empordà-born playwright through her stories and writings.

A big bed. On it, in it, a woman receives visits. Whether it is a relative or a great writer, she has received everyone in bed for years. She offers the image of a weak, sickly woman… who has often defined herself as an amateur in what we call writing. But who is the woman in the bed, Víctor Català or Caterina Albert? Or neither of them?
La Víctor C.; speaks of her life, developed with the limitation allowed her by a society intolerant of women, mixed with her tales, the most beautiful and ironic of her writing, where she portrays a not very kind world, very far from the bourgeois meaning of nature. Her longing for freedom, for always being herself, leads her to distance herself from the world.

Anna Maria Ricart Codina, author, and Carme Portaceli, director of the show.


Production team

Anna Maria Ricart Codina from Víctor Català
Directed by
Carme Portaceli
Ferran Carvajal, Lluïsa Castell, Oriol Guinart, Olga Onrubia, Rosa Renom, Manel Sans and Anna Ycobalzeta
  • + Information
    Set design
    Paco Azorín

    Carlota Ferrer

    Ignasi Camprodon

    Musical composition and sound space
    Jordi Collet

    Carles Gómez

    Movement direction and choreography
    Ferran Carvajal

    Miquel Àngel Raió

    Imma Capell
    Assistant director
    Judith Pujol

    Set design assistant
    Alessandro Arcangeli

    Costume assistant
    Joana Martí

    Video collaboration
    Elvira Zurita

    Student on practice at the Institut del Teatre
    Montserrat Alcantarilla

    Construction of set design
    Pascualin Estructures

    Costume design
    Trinidad Rodríguez
    Antonia Pérez
    Inés Mancheno
    Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

    Museu de l’Escala
    Sergi Vallès
    Mita Casacuberta

    La Víctor C. is a show based on the books Tots els contes (volums I, II i III), and Mosaics by Víctor Català, published by Club Editor (© hereus de Víctor Català, with the permission of Club Editor)