September 2022



  • Los Galindos
  • Concept and direction Bet Garrell and Marcel Escolano
  • Sala Tallers
  • 21/09/2022 al 02/10/2022

Best circus show of Premis de la Crítica 2021

MDR is a farce to bother and have fun. Melon, Mardi and Rossinyol are facing an unexpected dead end. Their indomitable and clumsy nature and the need to exist lead them to an improbable endeavour, in which they freely explore any barbarism. This hilarious and terrifying experience drips with a story of sincere and rough friendship, caused by a feeling of responsibility and guilt. An unlikely crime, a dubious trial and an absurd punishment. Paradoxically, perhaps they will provoke the desire to die laughing.


Overwhelmed by a feeling of devastating injustice and a terrifying global imbalance, we want to question the arbitrariness of justice through the clown, as a character on the stage and inhabitant of the circus. MDR is a theatre experience, which has involved transposing daily events by shaping a show to transmit optimism and stir up the critical spirit, in which laughter, pleasure and fantasy are the driving force.
The circus, as a nomadic art, has taken us everywhere and at the same time allows us to travel through different emotional spots between creation, learning and transmission. We have developed an artistic project with our own stamp, in which the craft demands committed theatrical research.

Bet Garrell i Marcel Escolano

Production team

Los Galindos
Concept and direction
Bet Garrell and Marcel Escolano
  • + Information
    Creation and interpretation
    Anicet Leone
    Gabriel Agosti
    Marcel Escolano

    Artistic and regimental accompaniment
    Bet Garrell

    Artistic creation team up to premiere date
    Anicet Leone
    Marcel Escolano
    Santi Ruiz Albalate
    Bet Garrell

    Stage Director
    Stephane Filloc

    Collaboration in the script and set design
    Joël Fesel

    Conceptual complicity
    Johnny Torres

    Nartxi Azcargorta
    Klara Pedrol
    Mireia Guilella

    Technical and management teams of the company

    Executive production and diffusion
    Caterina Fiol

    Production by Los Galindos

    Unquestionable collaborations, aid and complicity
    Adrià Naranjo, Franxi Misserachs, Imma Vilar, Antigua i Barbuda, Adriano Marçal, Joan Cruixent, Txo Titelles, Borde Basse, Jordà Ferrer
    Support for creation
    Ajuntament de Cardedeu – Cardedeu Inspirant Cultura

    With the complicity of
    Taula de Cultura i Joves de St. Esteve de Palautordera, la Cia. Baró d’Evel Cirk, Carnage Productions and el Konvent de Cal Rosal, as well as the de Cultura dels Ajuntaments de Sant Esteve de Palautordera i de Granollers

    With the support of
    l’ICEC – Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya and de l’Institut Ramon Llull