December 2021



  • Maika Makovski
  • Sala Petita
  • 22/12/2021 al 23/12/2021

Maika Makovski’s explosive energy in the intimacy of the Sala Petita.

Maika Makovski is an unpredictable artist. Her talent, her multitude of influences and her constant transformation make her a unique figure on the music scene. At the TNC, and in the intimacy of the Sala Petita, Makovski will present her latest work without filters: MKMK, a luminous and richly-textured musical album.

Bringing MKMK to the stage is giving songs their natural place. All the vitality that is perceived when pressing play explodes live, with the five musicians who are on stage changing from one instrument to another: the drummer is now a guitarist, the guitarist sits at the keyboard, and meanwhile nobody stops singing.
It is, in many ways, my return to rock (to the energy on stage and the camaraderie of a rock band) without forgetting that my music is also individual, in that it comes from a personal place. This is the common thread between all my albums and also between the songs in this show, which sometimes go from one extreme to another, and yet I would say that variety is the spice of life.

Maika Makovski.

Production team

Maika Makovski
  • + Information
    Maika Makovski
    Vocals, guitar, piano, synthesizers, drums

    Mariana Pérez Abendaño
    Percussion, vocals, piano, drums, tambourine

    Semión Bredikhin
    Drums, vocals, synthesizers, piano, guitar

    Daniel Fernández Romero
    Bass, vocals

    Adrián Martínez Pérez
    Guitar, vocals
    Set design
    Gema Polanco