July 2024


Momi Maiga

  • Gardens
  • 02/07/24

Senegalese artist previews his second album at the TNC Gardens

At only 26 years old, Momi Maiga is a virtuoso of his instrument, the kora. A skilled vocalist and self-taught composer with surprising musical sensitivity, he combines ethnic jazz, flamenco and hints of European classical music in his compositions. He mainly sings in the Mandinka and Wolof languages, addressing the major issues of our time through music.

Following a successful artistic start with his début album NIO (October 2022), which has led him to play over seventy concerts with his quartet, Momi Maiga will be presenting his second album, Kairo, in October 2024.

At the Barcelona Grec Festival, he’ll be playing a preview concert for this album. Each song on Kairo is a unique piece that contributes to the musical depth of the show, creating a powerful and moving experience that transcends geographic and cultural boundaries. The group performs a highly contemporary piece, a dynamic and constant conversation between cultures expressed through jazz, flamenco, Mediterranean sounds, European classical music, and complex yet fascinating beats.


Production team

Momi Maiga (kora, veu), Carlos Montfort (violins, veu), Aleix Tobias (bateria, percussions i veu), Marçal Ayats (violoncel, veu)
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    Grec Festival, Fira Mediterrània de Manresa, Festival (a)phònica, FIMPT - Festival Internacional de Música Popular i Tradicional, i El Canal Salt - Centre de Creació d’Arts Escèniques