May 2023



  • Michael Ende
  • Direction and dramaturgy Jesús Arbués
  • Taller Pintura
  • 03/05/2023 al 14/05/2023

An ode to being lazy and líving without haste

Three characters living inside an abandoned botanical garden are waiting for us to tell us the story of Momo, a girl who has the wonderful quality of listening to others. Momo also wants to help people when the grey men decide to take hold of one of the most precious goods people possess: their time.

We live and bring up our children in haste. We want them to speak languages and be good in all things. But, do we bring them up so that they think freely or learn how to listen?

Best Family Theater Show at the Premis de la Crítica 2016

Momo is the theatre adaptation of Michael Ende’s novel. Made in an unconventional space which, as well as being beautiful, makes actors work among the audience, who no longer look from the traditional frontal viewpoint.
For the dramaturgy, the actors and stage design and props teams were extraordinary allies. A dramaturgy process “on the ground” which enabled them to rehearse and test the text on the stage almost while it was being written. A leap of faith without knowing whether the parachute worked.
The complex plot of the novel has been simplified but we have preserved the key elements: the message about “stolen time” and, above all, the poetic and committed spirit which has captivated so many readers who fell under the spell of Momo.

Jesús Arbués

Production team

Michael Ende
Direction and dramaturgy
Jesús Arbués
Original idea
Anna Roca
Anna Roca, Jordi Gilabert, Pere Romaní
  • + Information
    Live music
    Pere Romaní

    Stage space
    Pablo Paz
    Guillermo Góngora

    Musical composition
    Marta Rius

    Nino Costa

    Costumes and props
    Judith Torres

    Diego Espada
    Technical and management teams of the company

    Company technician
    August Viladomat “Guti”

    Executive Producer
    Anna Roca
    Judith Torres

    Aina Gomis

    Companyia de teatre Anna Roca

    Best Family Theatre Show at the Premis de la Crítica 2016
    de la Crítica 2016 and 3 nominations at the Premis Max