November 2022



  • A creation of Cultura and Conflicte
  • Directed by Joan Arqué Solà
  • Sala Petita
  • 17/11/2022 al 11/12/2022

All of us have been babies. We will all grow up

Virgin Mary thinks that humans will soon collapse if we don't do something emotionally intelligent. Imma sips her soup with relisch; she is about to receive an unexpected visit. Oriol doesn't know that today will be the last day he is able to look at the works like any given retired. Montse can't dance anymore since she started living underwater. And Mochi... oh, Mochi! We want to live to a hundred years, but who will take care of us and treat us with dignity, respecting our freedom? Was this, the progress? ​.


It was an unmitigated triumph. A victory of life over life itself. Living and growing old with dignity. And so... what happened?
We ignore everything that is not productive or reproductive fullness. An ageist, discriminatory treatment determined by the aging of a body. A collapse of the humanism we took for granted. A kind of bullet that we shoot at ourselves now, so that it fully impacts all of us in a few years.
This collapse puts the atavistic senses that we had exiled to the highest shelves of the bookshelf in our grandparents' house on alert. A kind of fear of ourselves that makes us work on the naive search for meaning, exercising the memory of the body. Reasoning with the tension of our muscles, with the fixed gaze and the gesture that unites: survival instinct and chaos. Writing about who we were. Trying to restore the primary order of all things. Of when we were people.

Joan Arqué Solà

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Production team

A creation of Cultura and Conflicte
Directed by
Joan Arqué Solà
Anna Maria Ricart Codina
Imma Colomer, Montse Colomé, Oriol Genís, Arthur Rosenfeld, Magda Puig, Erol Ileri, Piero Steiner / Enric Ases (he replaces Piero Steiner on 19, 25 and 26 November 2022)
  • + Information
    Choreographic direction
    Sol Picó

    Visual dramaturgy
    Magda Puig Torres

    Set design
    Judit Colomer

    Rosa Lugo Fàbregas

    Jou Serra

    Music and sound space
    Pepino Pascual

    Sound space
    Marc Jodar

    Erol Ileri Llordella
    Assistant director and choreography
    Carla Tovias

    Gemma Masip
    Elisa Muixí
    Pilar Sala
    Rosa Serra

    Technical and management teams of the company

    Production management
    Òscar Balcells

    Executive Producer
    Judit Codina Serra

    Technical Manager
    Xavier Amat
    Jordi Domènech

    Technicians on tour
    Marc Jodar
    Jordi Domènech

    Mònica Cardús
    Communication and press
    Núria Olivé

    Research and documentation
    Teresa Turiera-Puigbò Bergadà
    Marissa Paituví

    Marta García Cardellach

    Cultura i Conflicte and Teatre de l’Aurora

    TNC and Temporada Alta - Festival internacional de Catalunya, Girona/Salt

    Roser Soler

    With the support of
    Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals and Oficina de Suport a la Iniciativa Cultural

    In collaboration with
    Ajuntament d’Igualada and Teatre La Passió d’Esparreguera