September 2024


Non Solum

  • Sergi López and Jorge Picó
  • Sala Tallers
  • 09.10.08 al 02.11.08

Theatre The actor Sergi López, well-known for his cinema career, which includes films such as Pan’s Labyrinth or Harry, un ami qui vous veut du bien, leaves the big screen to present Non Solum, a monologue written and conceived through improvisation, together with Jorge Picó. A very simple starting point: take the audience by the hand and lead them through very different territories, make them laugh, play with situations. From this, a real dance of characters emerges, because although Sergi López is a single man, he exploits to the maximum his versatility as an actor to give us a surprising repertoire of identities. Are they diverse characters in one person or a single character with several voices within? Sergi López makes Arthur Rimbaud’s famous phrase “I is another” his own and multiplies on the stage. An existential comedy begins. In desperation, a single man is transformed into many men to respond to a question: what is going on here? And while we laugh, one of them starts laughing for no reason. Another sings a song. Another tells us about his first time with an extraterrestrial. The others become angry upon realising that, in fact, they are all the same. They travel with a woman asleep in a small box, on their way to paradise where it seems that all questions have an answer and pain only exists a little. On their way they are accompanied by some boleros, a wooden box and plastic glasses which seem fake. Their destiny is to relatively doubt everything absolutely. What’s wrong? Don’t you believe me?

Production team

Sergi López and Jorge Picó
  • + Information
    Direction Jorge Picó Cast Sergi López Set design Jordà Ferrer Lighting Lionel Spycher Musical inspiration Bernardo Sandoval Song L’home estàtic, by Pau Riba Director’s assistant Helena Pla
    Producció Setzefetges Associats, SL, amb Ring de Teatro La Sala Tallers compta amb el suport de El Periódico de Catalunya