May 2022


Patatas fritas falsas

  • Agnés Mateus and Quim Tarrida
  • Directed by Agnés Mateus and Quim Tarrida
  • Sala Tallers
  • 05/05/2022 al 29/05/2022

A blow to intolerance, hatred and the most visceral speeches.

Mateus & Tarrida, multidisciplinary artists, tackle political and social issues and tell the truth to people’s faces. They shed light on what the status quo wants to silence and name the victims of the system. Two politically incorrect artists who have surprised us with their previous shows: Hostiando a M and Rebota rebota y en tu cara explota.

I am training to foam at the mouth and I’m quite good at it. Hating relaxes me, makes me feel safe. Hating is trendy. Life is much easier. Those at home. Those from here. Those from within. Those from within, yes. Those from outside, no. Me yes. You no. All for me and my beloved ones. And you, you should return to your mum’s womb, it will be a relief for all. The more enemies, the more honour. Many enemies, a lot of honour. A lot of hate, a lot of honour. Many lies, a lot of honour. We are the voice of reality because we are of extreme necessity. And you, shut up. Our metamorphosis into politicians or religious people turns us into psychopaths and professional liars. Heroes and saints. Some order, please.

Agnés Mateus and QuimTarrida, authors and directors of the show.

Production team

Agnés Mateus and Quim Tarrida
Directed by
Agnés Mateus and Quim Tarrida
Agnés Mateus
  • + Information
    Conception of space
    Quim Tarrida
    Agnés Mateus

    Sound and video space
    Quim Tarrida

    Lighting design
    Carles Borràs

    Quim Tarrida

    Anna Benet

    Teresa Melgosa

    Technical and management teams of the company
    Executive Production
    Marta Oliveres
    AMateus & QTarrida

    Technical coordination
    Carles Borràs

    Technical and sound assistant
    Sergio Roca

    Technical staff
    Carles Borràs
    Quim Tarrida

    Production assistant
    Marta Gon

    Actura 12 SL
    Ajudanta de producció
    Marta Gon

    Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, l’Antic Teatre, Konvent (Berga) y de AMateus & QTarrida

    Agradecimientos especiales
    Bru Ferri, Ildu Alonso, Joan Manel, Isma Txapu, Jorge Dutor, Joaquim Gil, Esther Soldevila y a toda la família del Konvent por todo el amor

    Equipos técnicos y de gestión del TNC