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Screen man

  • Tian Gombau and El Teatre de l’home dibuixat
  • Created and performed by Tian Gombau
  • Sala Tallers
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When being different becomes a great virtue. 

The lead character of this show inhabits a private universe in which he plays with images and transforms them. Suddenly Pomodoro appears, a small being that starts out as a projection and becomes a real puppet, and this visit will alter our protagonist's routine. Thus a close relationship of trust and solidarity will begin, leading to the search for a common dream under the starry sky.

Tian Gombau transforms into the screen man to explore the technological possibilities and the synchrony of image, sound and physical theatre when stimulating the senses.

Prices and times

  • -50% Young and unemployed

    6 € i
  • General price

    12 € i
  • School

    8 € i
  • Times

    Saturday 5 pm and 6 pm.
    Sunday 11 am and 12 pm.
    Running time:
    35 min
    Recommended age :
    3 years and above
  • Are you an education service?

    Make an advanced booking and later confirm the definitive number of people



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Production team

Created and performed by
Tian Gombau
Directed by
Panchi Vivó, Tian Gombau
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    External eye
    Rosa Díaz
    Set design, objects and puppets
    Isa Soto
    Original music and drawings
    Panchi Vivó
    After effects animation and graphic elements
    Luis Aguilar, Carles Gusi, Panchi Vivó, Tian Gombau
    Audiovisual technician
    Juan Pablo Mendiola

    Technician on tour :
    Manuel Silva

    Manel Brancal

    Jorge Dragón
    Tian Gombau

    Production / distribution assistant
    Mélanie Lefebvre

    Antoni Valesa, Mago Yunke, Fàtima Querol, Marian Varela, Pepa Plana, Anca Balaj, Valentí Piñot, CEIP Isabel Ferrer

    Production co-produced with CulturArts Generalitat Valenciana in collaboration with the Universitat Jaume I



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Education service

Recommended school levels: primary school pupils up to 10 years

This play is recommended by the TNC Education Service for primary school pupils up to 10 years as a useful tool for the training and cultural development of children and youths.
The TNC also provides teachers with the production educational dossier.

Meetings after the performance: complement the performance by discovering the secrets of the production from those involved.