Socio-educational programmes

Socio-educational programmes

Photo Apropa Cultura

Apropa Cultura
Apropa Cultura is an initiative that brings together over 50 theatres, auditoria, festivals and museums with organisations from the social sector to make culture accessible.
Through the programme, the related social centres attend the productions of the  TNC season at a special price and enjoy a normalising and socially inclusive experience.

The project Deslimita’m!, organised by Fundació La Roda and the Associació ImpactaT intervencions teatrals, carries out a task of social inclusion with young people at risk of exclusion, using theatre as a non-violent medium of social transformation and reflection on their most immediate conflicts. The Teatre Nacional is involved in the stage training of the young participants, offering them the opportunity to attend some rehearsals during the season's productions and exchange impressions with the  artistic team.

El TNC supports La Marató de TV3
La Marató de TV3 is a socially spirited project promoted by the Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals and Fundació La Marató de TV3. Since 1992 it has collected 151 million euros, which it has donated to raise awareness among thousands of people about serious diseases that have no known cure and to decisively promote research. 

Fundació Èxit
Fundació Èxit works on the inclusion of youths at risk of social exclusion through innovative training projects;that contribute added value to companies and enhance networking. The TNC will participate in one of these projects: the Projecte Coach, a voluntary corporate initiative that seeks to improve the employment of youths at risk of social exclusion through mentorship. It is developed with socially responsible companies that seek to get involved in a specific socially spirited action for a limited period of time and with guaranteed outcomes.
In this case, Fundació Èxit will train the TNC corporate volunteers so that they can mentor these young people. In this way, young people will become familiar with the TNC world and be able to discover their vocation with the aim of being motivated to continue their training.