Sopa de pedres



Sopa de pedres

  • Engruna Teatre
  • Directed by Mireia Fernàndez
  • Sala Tallers
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A show that teaches the little ones the power of generosity and teamwork

Alma is a girl who must flee her country. After a long journey, she arrives at an unknown place, where everyone is apparently happy, but they don't want to share anything with her.

With ingenuity, she will transform the individualism of an entire village into teamwork and teach a lesson for life to all those who had initially closed the door on her.


In Sopa de pedres we talk about the foreigner, the refugee, the one who arrives in a place looking for an opportunity and finds a society that does not see or does not want to see beyond itself and is unable to experience the arrival of the newcomer as an opportunity rather than a threat.
We also talk about cooperation, about the strength of teamwork.
Space and music are shifting and mobile, as is the story, which begins in a distant country and, after a long journey, ends in Europe.

Engruna Teatre

Prices and times

  • General price

    10 € adult - 8 € infant i
  • School

    7 € i
  • Under 3 years old

  • Times

    Wednesday to Friday at 10 a.m. (school performance)
    Saturday at 5 p.m. and Sunday at 12 a.m.

    Genre: Theatre
    Running time:
    50 min
    Recommended age :
    4 years and above
    Show in:
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Production team

Original idea and creation
Engruna Teatre
Directed by
Mireia Fernàndez
Anna Farriol and Júlia Santacana / Mireia Fernàndez
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    Artistic advisor
    Ramon Molins

    Music design and composition
    Albert Ciurans

    Costume design and costume making
    Art and Seams

    Xavi Salavert

    Sound space
    Jordi Sala
    Engruna Teatre

    Puppet design
    Alba Serrat

    Puppets construction
    Glòria Arrufat
    Scenographic construction
    Berta Vidal
    Raúl Vilasís

    Engruna Teatre

    Sílvia Ricart

    Anna Brugués
    Technical and management teams of the company

    Jonàs Serri
    Jordi Sala

    Graphic design
    Ferran Llorens

    Thematic advice
    Programa Català del Refugi

    Executive production and distribution
    Txell Felip

    Engruna Teatre



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Education service

Recommended school levels: primary school pupils.
This play is recommended by the TNC Education Service as a useful tool for the training and cultural development of children.


@Centredesarria09/01/2023 14:47

RT @engrunateatre: Bona tarda a tothom! Seguint amb les idees de regals per aquest Nadal, una bona SOPA DE PEDRES pot ser el regal perfecte…


@EscenaFamiliar09/01/2023 13:52

RT @engrunateatre: Bona tarda a tothom! Seguint amb les idees de regals per aquest Nadal, una bona SOPA DE PEDRES pot ser el regal perfecte…