May 2023


TDDAY 2023

  • Martha Balthazar, Alessandro Berti, Tiago Correia, Daniela Feixas and Cédric Orain
  • Directed by Chloé Dabert
  • Sala Tallers
  • 27/05/2023

The coolest texts in Europe

Five European playwrights and four topics: teenagers, colonisation, undocumented people, and violence against women. The European project Between Lands pursues its task of promoting contemporary playwriting by choosing a male or female author (parity is a requirement) with whom we will work with a group. Four years, four topics led each year by a different theatre. A playwriting residency in the host country where the playwrights will debate, and meet with psychologists, philosophers, economists... The aim is to produce five fifteen-minute short plays which will form a collective play. The participating TNC playwright will be Daniela Feixas.

The TDDAY (Theatre Democracy Day) will be simultaneously held in the different theatres engaged in the project with a dramatised reading of all these short plays written around a topic, with debates and events with the groups with which they have worked to produce the texts. Every year a playwright from a non-EU country will be invited to ensure an even more different view of these topics. All the plays translated into six languages (Flemish, French, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese and English) will form part of the Library of Democracy, available to all those wishing to consult it.
  • Free show with preferential booking for season ticket holders and youth packs

Production team

Martha Balthazar, Alessandro Berti, Tiago Correia, Daniela Feixas and Cédric Orain
Directed by
Chloé Dabert
Isabelle Bres, Marc Garcia Coté, Biel Rossell, Júlia Mascort, Biel Montoro, Miriam Moukhles
  • + Information

    La gran aturada, by Martha Balthazar (KVS of Brussels)
    Les vacances, by Alessandro Berti (ERT)
    El primer cop, by Tiago Correia (TNSJ of Porto)
    Dopamina, by Daniela Feixas (TNC)
    A l’institut, by Cédric Orain (Comédie de Reim)
    Translation text Martha Balthazar
    Laia Fàbregas

    Translation text Alessandro Berti
    Carles Fernández Giua

    Translation text Tiago Correia
    Elm Puig

    Translation text Cédric Orain
    Lluís Hansen
    Set design, lighting and costumes
    Sylvia Kuchinow