September 2024



  • Sergi Buka
  • Sala Gran
  • 08.03.09 al 29.03.09

One, two, three... and hop! Sergi Buka reappears, by magic, on the stage. After seducing the grown ups and youngsters and selling out last season, Buka returns to present Umbra in four new performances, now in the Sala Gran, for all those who were unable to see the show or who wish to relive a magical morning. A show of shadows and magic full of surprises and moments of great scenic poetry. The magician Sergi Bukais is capable of disappearing when you least expect it. What he sometimes finds a little harder is reappearing. That is why his representative, Mr Jean Claude Lavache, who has his head trapped inside a television set for having botched too many of the illusionist’s tricks, plans to ruin Buka’s career and to put on the show himself. Umbra tells of the surprising struggle between these outstanding characters: Lavache and Buka. A struggle full of transformations and disappearances, of magic and surprises, in which in the end the audience will not know who is who, assuming that there is anyone real!

Production team

Sergi Buka
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    Dramatúrgia David Cirici Direcció i Set design Ramon Simó Música Pep Pascual Il·luminació Josep Codines Vestuari Rosa Solé
    Amb Sergi Buka Hèctor Claramunt Producció Trànsit Projectes ZERO4