Una noche sin luna



Una noche sin luna

  • Juan Diego Botto
  • Directed by Sergio Peris-Mencheta
  • Sala Gran
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Lorca's word more alive than ever

Juan Diego Botto steps into the shoes of Federico García Lorca to bring us closer to the lesser-known aspects of the poet's life and work, with the desire to identify what challenges us and make it alive and current.

Through irony and emotion, the poet recounts his time at the Residencia de Estudiantes, the reviews he received for Yerma, his experience at La Barraca, his relationship with the press, the love affairs and the tension of later years, as well as the need for artistic freedom, for freedom of expression and for finding sexual identity and the importance of memory and roots.


Since I've been doing theatre, I've always felt that I was doing it "despite everything." Not to earn my bread (it goes without saying that these days this is a utopia), but because of a vital need: inevitably, I do theatre; unquestionably, I do theatre; unwaveringly, I do theatre.
Today, doing theatre is a feat. Apart from being more necessary than ever.
On 15 July 2020, we rolled up our sleeves to undertake the feat of carrying forward this piece by my friend through thick and thin and in life and art, Juan Diego Botto. Unwaveringly. Unquestionably. Inevitably. We are perhaps speaking of a wounded theatre, but more alive than ever.

Sergio Peris-Mencheta

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    Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m.
    Sunday at 6 pm

    Gender: Theatre
    Running time:
    1 h 45 min
    Recommended age :
    16 years and above
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Production team

Authorship and interpretation
Juan Diego Botto
Directed by
Sergio Peris-Mencheta
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    Set design
    Curt Allen Wilmer (AAPEE) with estudiodeDos

    Valentín Álvarez (AAI)

    Elda Noriega (AAPEE)

    Sound space
    Pablo Martín Jones

    Original music
    Alejandro Pelayo

    Eva Ramón

    Assistant director
    Xènia Reguant
    Lighting assistant
    Raúl Baena

    Interpreter of the song Anda Jaleo

    Song Pequeño Vals Vienés (Take this Waltz)
    Lagartija Nick

    Recording studios
    Estudio 1 / Mac Producciones

    Technical and management teams of the company

    Poster photography
    Sergio Parra

    Scene photography

    Poster for graphic design
    Javier Naval

    Dossier and program for graphic design
    David Sueiro

    Communications officer
    María Diaz

    Teaser and audiovisual documentation
    Bernardo Moll Otto

    Web designer
    Olga Rodríguez
    Set construction
    Pascualin estructures


    Concha Busto Producción y Distribución

    Production direction and design
    Nur Levi

    Technical direction / Lighting and sound technician
    Manuel Fuster

    Machinist / Atrezzo
    Giovanni Colangelo

    Manager / Alderman
    Melanie Pindado

    Sound on tour / Editing
    Rubén Muiño

    La Rota Producciones, Barco Pirata Producciones and Concha Busto Producción y Distribución

    Technical and management teams of the TNC



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