February 2024



  • Pont Flotant (Àlex Cantó, Joan Collado, Jesús Muñoz, Pau Pons)
  • Sala Tallers
  • 15/02/24 al 25/02/24

An opportunity to share, learn and enjoy diversity

Acampada is a simulation of what could happen if six friends with diverse cultures and abilities decide to spend a weekend together in the mountains.

How will the environment affect them? Will they be able to accept or exceed their limits? And the audience? Will they be able to listen through the noise, to understand beyond words, and imagine where the eye cannot see?

An honest exercise in theatre and diversity that brings awareness without drama and with a sense of humour that will capture the hearts of the audience.

Production team

Pont Flotant (Àlex Cantó, Joan Collado, Jesús Muñoz, Pau Pons)
Àlex Cantó, Carmen Golfe, Isabel Gómez, Mónica Lamberti, Itziar Manero, Jesús Muñoz, Alberto Romera, Benito Valverde
  • + Information
    Set design
    Joan Collado

    Marc Gonzalo (AII)

    Musical composition
    Pedro Aznar

    Sound design
    Josep Ferrer

    Raúl Aguirre

    Graphic design
    Joan Collado

    Musical theme
    Todo para todos from Enric Montefusco

    Technical and management teams of the company
    Production of scenography
    Yolanda García
    Santi Montón

    Machinery and regimentation
    Yolanda García

    Tour technicians
    Juan Serra
    Javi Vega

    Trainee assistant
    Maria Luis Cardoso

    Photography and promotional video
    Nacho Carrascosa

    Pont Flotant

    Rafa Jordán
    Inma Expósito
    Fiona Maxence - Pro21Cultural
    To all the participants of the Laboratori Escènic Altres InCapacitats, a Daniela García, Ana Lozano, Ana Erdozain, Alba González, Daniel Abreu, Fermín Jiménez, Juan Carlos Morcillo, Carlos Ruiz, Susana, Berni, Concha and José, Maribel and Luis, Alfred and Horta Teatre, Primi i al Centre Ocupacional Tola de Silla, Salva, Luis and the Fundación Esfera, al Real Coliseo Carlos III de El Escorial and a Teatros del Canal

    With the collaboration of
    Comunidad de Madrid, Festival de Otoño de Madrid, Institut Valencià de Cultura, Ajuntament de València, Teatre El Musical TEM, Teatre Carmen Valero de Silla

    Technical and management teams of the TNC